merci, mercy

For someone so young, merci, mercy’s life has been pretty full of highs and lows. Spending her early teens living in the controlled chaos of Beijing and Thailand, merci, mercy moved back to Australia, living between Jindabyne in the isolated Snowy Mountains and inner-city Sydney. The alienation of an unfamiliar Australia and the social anxiety that came with it informs her sparkling, introspective debut EP, no thank you, no thanks.

With a name fittingly arising from merci, mercy’s indecisiveness (unable to decide between spelling her name using an ‘i’ or ‘y’, she went with a friend’s suggestion of simply using both), she channelled her alienated detachment into writing songs, and put a demo online. That, remarkably, led to highly respected label Liberation Records (Vance Joy, Temper Trap, D.D Dumbo) getting in touch out of the blue.

A worldwide record deal ensued. “It felt like a dream,” recalls merci, mercy, and soon she was working with producers Edwin White (Vance Joy) and Joel Quartermain (G Flip, Meg Mac), and crafting her debut single, ‘Fucked Myself Up’. “Honestly. To be just doing my own thing, then working with Ed and Joel on this song was an amazing, life-changing experience.”

That single, and the resulting EP, no thank you, no thanks, is a kaleidoscopic alternative-pop journey through anxiety and self-examination, swirling and evolving as its mood and vibe swings through exultation to darkness in equal measure.

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