Lastlings is the artistic output of sibling duo Amy Dowdle & Josh Dowdle. Self taught musically, the Japanese-Australian pair has devoted the better part of four years to their craft, fine tuning their songwriting and production from their home in the hinterlands of Southern Queensland. Releasing two EPs to early acclaim, the duo found themselves having to make a choice between fulltime musical pursuit and allowing Amy, then sixteen, to focus on finishing highschool. They resisted the pull of the industry, Amy finished her schooling and in 2018 Lastlings returned with new music and the world at their feet. In 2020 Lastlings signed a further license deal to Astralwerks in North America and Liberation in Australia, launching into the new decade. As their new sonic direction finds its feet the Lastlings live show continues to be reimagined, oscillating between anguish and bliss, with compositions designed to transcend.

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